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Since the founding of her studio in 1969, Elizabeth Devereaux has brought her artistic skill and her knowledge of materials, architecture and liturgy together in the medium of stained glass. Her windows are installed in churches, public institutions, commercial and residential buildings all across the U.S.
Elizabeth earned her B.A. in painting and drawing at Dominican College of San Rafael with a year at the University of Vienna, Austria. She continued with graduate work in art at the Akademie der Bildende Kunst in Munich, with further graduate work in Religion and the Arts at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She is uniquely qualified in the field of stained glass fabrication for churches. Graduate study in Industrial Design gave her a familiarity as well with materials, problem-solving, construction and architecture - a breadth of knowledge uniquely suited to public art commissions.
Her work is always site-specific, which gives it a varied end-result according to the architecture, the light, interior and exterior environment, and desires of the client. Still, the constants are:

the highest quality of materials and workmanship. She almost always uses handblown glass rather the machine-rolled, and often the glass is blown to her specifications, "flashed" with layers of color which are shaded, etched, or painted and kiln-fired to achieve unusual effects. Elizabeth has assembled highly skilled craftspeople who have worked with her many years, and know the meaning of old world craftsmanship. Care is taken during every aspect of the fabrication to ensure a successful outcome.
- reflection and layering-- either with the material or the meaning. She often uses kiln-fired 24 K gold and silver lusters, metals, and mirror to allow the window to "have a nightlife of its own", rather than only relying on artificial lighting for a night effect. With the use of light, color, and symbol the work is layered with meaning.
- innovative and creative design solutions.
Whether the site provides a luxuriant landscape or an unsightly view, whether it is a restoration of a national landmark, or a simple and sleek architectural statement, the process is the same. Thoughtful, appropriate, and creative designs are proposed and collaborative solutions are agreed upon which fully integrate the art glass into its setting.

Some of her noted Awards and Achievements include:

* Modern Liturgy Visual Art Awards-Best of Show 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1994, 1992
* Public Art Award- Chico Municipal Building, Chico, Ca.,1999.
* IFRAA -- Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art & Architecture -- Visual Arts Honor Award, 1992
* Sunnyvale Public Library, Public Art Award, 1992 - Sunnyvale, Ca.
* Sacramento Public Library, Public Art Award, 1990 - Sacramento, Ca.
* St. Joseph's Cathedral Commission, San Jose, CA - 1987 - Result of formal competition.
* AIA National Library Award, 1985 - San Francisco University High School San Francisco
Bob Herman, Architect./ Elizabeth Devereaux, Architectural Glass
* Representative of Chico Arts Community -Chico General Plan Task Force, 1992-1994.
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